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General terms and conditions of usage and business

These are the general terms and conditions of usage and business (hereinafter: "GTC") of (hereinafter and the respective report publishers, insofar as they receive an order via

The service provided by is intended exclusively for users in the commercial, freelance and scientific fields. Our services are not intended for end users!

Area of validity

The following terms and conditions apply exclusively and without reservation:

  • The use of the "" report portal operated by dynamic technologies GmbH by persons both natural and juridical (users) - the ordering process and handling of the order between the user and the respective report publishers, provided it is handled via
  • The current valid version of the general terms and conditions applies for usage and ordering. Amendments and changes will be clearly indicated.
  • By clicking on "Yes, I accept the general terms and conditions", you accept the following general terms and conditions. Divergent conditions of the ordering party are not recognised by unless has agreed to them in writing.


  1. Services of
  2. Prices (Net, in EURO [€] or US Dollars [$])
  3. Conclusion of a contract - contract partner
  4. Shipment – Transfer of shipment address – Defective shipment - Passing of risk
  5. Method of payment, Invoice, Payment date and Payment
  6. Retention of title / Choice of forum / Place of jurisdiction
  7. Cancellation / Right of withdrawal
  8. Data protection

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1. Services of

1.1 Research portal is a portal which aims to enable a more efficient search for a report.

We have reports from various report publishers for this purpose. A country code indicating the country where the report publisher is based is positioned behind every report publisher. We will add and update the reports on offer continuously.

1.2 Quotations

The quotations from are non-binding and without engagement. All the prices, product descriptions, technical data and delivery deadlines stated by are subject to possible changes and are only of an informative nature until a binding order has been placed.

The listed report price applies if a user places and order.

1.3 Order forwarding or sale

The reports offered by can be purchased via the portal.

Due to technical necessities – particularly due to VAT and Sales tax considerations – we must differentiate according to the following criteria when a report is purchased:

the country where the report ordering party (company) is based

1.3.1   Forwarding of orders for ordering from/to Germany and report publishers based in Germany

Ordering of reports from report publishers based in Germany by an ordering party also based in Germany will be forwarded free-of-charge by to the report publisher (order forwarding).

1.3.2 Sale of reports by ofreports from publishers based outside Germany

Ordering of a report from a report publisher who is based outside of Germany will be handled directlyvia

1.3.3  Sale of reports by of reports to ordering parties based outside Germany

Order of a report by ordering party whose company is not based in Germany will be handled directly via


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2. Prices (Net, in EURO [€] or US Dollars [$])

2.1 Net price

All of the reports and further services on offer in the portal of are offered at Net prices! Reports from report publishers in Germany and other countries are provided on the portal, and orders to Germany and other countries are handled. It is therefore only possible to display the valid applicable price in the order process.

For orders to and from Germany a net price plus VAT applies (7 % or 19 %).

The VAT (Sales tax) which applies for the order is indicated with the invoice address and the VAT number.

2.2 Currency

As reports from report publishers based in Germany and other countries are available, the price for a report is indicated either in EURO or in US Dollars.

a) For payments with credit card you bank or credit card company will charge you the daily exchange rate which applied in your currency..

b) For a payment on an invoice the report price indicated in US Dollars will be charged in EURO at the closing rate for US Dollars which applied for the last week.

2.3 Sales tax – VAT No.

If the invoice address is in Germany, the valid rate of VAT will apply (7 % or 19 %) on the net price.

If the invoice address is not in Germany, the net price is charged, provided that the company of the ordering parts is based in the EU and the ordering party has provided their VAT ID number.

We wish to point out that the "imported" order may need to be reported to the finance/tax authorities of your country in accordance with the regulations which apply there.


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3. Conclusion of a contract - contract partner

A sales contract comes about between or the report publisher and the customer when the purchaser clicks on the "Send order" button on the "Send order" page or sends an order fax to


b) accepts the order with an order confirmation OR a shipment (see points 1.3.2 and 1.3.3)


c)      the German report publisher accepts the order from the ordering party with an order confirmation or shipment to the ordering party  based in Germany (see 1.3.1).


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4. Shipment – Transfer of shipment address – Defective shipment - Passing of risk

4.1 E-mail shipment

Unless otherwise agreed, the report publisher delivers the report to the ordering party by E-mail to the address stated by the ordering party. Other shipment formats if available are stated in the article descriptions, e.g. printed versions, CD-ROM etc. Here the report is supplied directly by the report publisher ex-stock to the shipment

4.2 Transfer of the shipment address to the report publisher

By accepting these GTCs the ordering party is aware that the necessary data required for handling the order / shipment of the order may be passed onto the study publisher by The report publisher only uses this data for the purpose or order handling / shipment.

Details concerning the date of shipment are non-binding. If events occur which hamper the shipment of the study for the study publisher, the date of shipment can be extended appropriately.

4.3 Passing of risk

The risk passes to the purchaser as soon as the order has been dispatched by the report publisher, even when partial deliveries have been made.

4.4 Incorrect or defective shipment

Reports which have not been ordered or which are defective are to be reported immediately to the stating exactly the designation of the reports and the nature of the defect by E-mail to or by Fax to +49 (0)221 677 897 31.

The report will be exchanged if the objections are justified.

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5. Method of payment, Invoice, Payment date and Payment

5.1 Payment in advance for first-time orders / End users reserves the right of advance payment with first-time orders and deliveries to end users. Shipment in these cases is only initiated after receipt of payment.

5.2 Orders with invoice address inside Germany - payment date and default of payment

Sale is made on account; the purchaser must settle the account immediately without discount.

If the customer defaults on payment, is entitled to interest on late payments amounting to 8% above the annual prime lending rate of the European Central Bank.

5.3 Orders with invoice address outside Germany

Customers with an invoice address outside Germany must pay in advance by credit card before the report is shipped. . In order to ensure safe handling of payment, we will contact you by telephone to query your credit card data. You will receive an invoice from c/o dynamic technologies GmbH.

The invoice will be issued in US Dollars for reports quoted in US Dollars. Your bank or credit card company will charge you the daily exchange rate which applied in your currency

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6. Retention of title / Choice of forum / Place of jurisdiction

The shipped report shall remain the property of the report publisher or until payment in full is received.

The place of jurisdiction for the order is the location of the respective report publisher.

All relations arising out of the order shall be governed by contract law in the Federal Republic of Germany not including the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (CISG). Cologne in Germany is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.


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7. Cancellation / Right of withdrawal

7.1 The following applies to end users only:

Shipment of a report in printed format

Orders can be revoked within a period of two weeks after the report in printed format has been received, provided the report or reports are returned unused. The reports are provided in a sealed package by the publisher. Damage to the seal forfeits any right of return of the report, and entitles to charge the appropriate amount. Provided that the report is unused, the report can be returned within the period by letter or package to the report publisher, whereby a reasonably priced mode of dispatch should be assured. The cancellation must be made in writing or on another permanent medium. Provision of grounds is not obligatory. However, we would be pleased if the reason for return is stated. The costs of return shipment of goods under a value of € 40 are to be borne by the ordering parts, unless the report provided was not the report which has been ordered. The cost for a return shipment of a study with an amount exceeding € 40 will be paid by the Furthermore, you shall be obliged to compensate for a decline in value if the report has been damaged.

Shipment of the report by E-mail

There is no right of withdrawal if the end user receives shipment of the report by E-mail!

7.2 No right of withdrawal / privilege of return for "delivered" reports

The following applies in general: A privilege of return for the reports - unless expressly agreed in advance – is excluded.

7.3 Right of withdrawal of is entitled to withdraw from a closed contract under the following conditions:

  • If the report publisher is not in a position to execute the order within a considerable period of time.
  • If has reasonable grounds to believe that the purchaser shall not fulfil his contractual obligations based on details supplied by the purchaser, or his failure to fulfil his contractual obligations in the course of another contract of sale with
  • If errors result due to written, printed or a computing error on the website of


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8. Data protection

The personal data which has been used by for the purposes of handling the order will be used exclusively in accordance with the legal regulations by the report publisher.

Further conditions of

General rights of usage

Terms of usage

All information at the portal is intended for personal use - a commercial usage of the report descriptions and other data is not allowed. The data published at is protected by copyright. We are not liable for mistakes made in the text or for incorrect links. Commercial usage of the data, for example, to establish your own search system and services or index is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to read the data automatically using software.

Data protection is authorised to use the personal data of the ordering party for the purposes of implementation and handling of the report order. only passes on the personal data for the order to the respective report publisher for the purpose of shipment.

Use of cookies

In order to make the ordering process as comfortable as possible, we – and other renowned companies – use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files which enable renewed recognition of users, so that the user does not have to reregister every time they visit our site. Furthermore, the cookies can help to match the range of offers to suit your interests. We place cookies to analyse the use of our services and to provide you with interesting information. You can also use our services without Cookies (an Online order will however require Cookies, alternatively you can order by Fax). WWW browsers can be set to ensure that cookies are rejected.

Area of validity - applicable laws

All relations arising out of the use of the research portal and which are not founded on an  order of reports shall be based on these conditions, otherwise they shall be governed by contract law in the Federal Republic of Germany not including the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (CISG). Cologne in Germany is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

Severability clause

In case of legal invalidity or non-inclusion of individual terms, the remaining terms of the contract shall remain binding. The invalid or non-included terms shall be replaced by the respective or implied legal stipulations.

Cologne, 01 August 2008

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