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The German Wine Market: What Consumers Drink and Why?
Published at 2013-11-14 17:16:44

Indulgence is Having the Greatest Impact on Consumer Behavior in the German Wine market.

As economic and societal change drives incremental evolution of behavioral patterns, consumers’ consumption patterns can undergo changes as a result of a multitude of different trends: from indulgence to media influence, from aspirations for healthy lifestyles to the shifting state of gender roles, an understanding of which segments of society are consuming which products and why provides companies with an invaluable insight into the motivating forces of the market, allowing them to position their products with maximum efficiency and reap the greatest rewards.

Germany Wine Value Share by Age Groups
Germany Wine Value Share by Age Groups

Consumer specialist Canadean’s brand new report – The German Wine Market: What Consumers Drink and Why? – is the result of its unique, highly detailed, and proprietary study of consumers’ Soft Drinks consumption habits, offering highly segmented data on the influence of 20 consumer trends on 26 consumer groups within the Wine sector. Together with its provision of consumer penetration data for brands and private labels, and unique retailer choice data at the product category level – both of which augment original survey results with subsequent consumer tracking and modeling – this report answers the key questions integral to any Consumer Packaged Goods organization’s success: who is consuming what, and what is motivating this consumption? With its accurate quantification of the impact of consumer trends on specific segments of the market, The German Wine Market: What Consumers Drink and Why? facilitates informed updating of marketing tactics and strategic planning, and should be considered required reading for those serious about capitalizing on the opportunities in Germany’s Wine market.

Some key insights include:


  • As consumer confidence increases proportionally to economic recovery, consumer trends will be directly affected. Since the global financial crisis of 2008–2009 the retail market has been characterized by an increase in the amount of discounted and own-brand products. Wines are not considered essential items and therefore consumption patterns have been negatively affected. As economic and market recovery continues over 2012, consumption patterns will record a positive trend in both the medium and heavy frequency bands and the amount of non-users should decrease


  • The Better Off and Moderate Income wealth groups are the largest in the German Wine markets, indicating strong potential for mass market products.

    Germany Weine Value Share by Gender
    Germany Weine Value Share by Gender
  • Still Wine has a significant market share, 70%, in the overall Wine market in Germany in terms of both value and volume.


  • Urban consumers account for the majority of the German population and Wine consumption. As such, producers should take into account urban trends when marketing their products.


  • Still Wine is the largest Wine category in the German market, comprising over half of the total value and volume. This is due to Still Wine’s more habitual consumption, with Sparkling Wine and Fortified Wine traditionally reserved for special occasions.


  • Few Germans consume Fortified Wine, with consumption frequency particularly low among Early Young Adults and at similar levels across all other age groups.

    Germany Wine Market Value by Category
    Germany Wine Market Value by Category


  • The German Wine market is characterized by women accounting for a higher market share in terms of both value and volume. This is because men tend to have a wider range of alcoholic beverages targeted at them, such as beer, lager, and whiskey.


About Canadean

Uniquely positioned to provide compelling, actionable market intelligence thanks to its rigorous research methodology – which encompasses internal resources, extensive desk research, market modeling, and the input of its panel of leading industry executives – Canadean is able to combine research on general industry drivers and trends with expert’s attitudes and behaviors, making The German Wine Market: What Consumers Drink and Why? required reading for those serious about reacting to market trends and capitalizing on opportunities in the German Wine market.   

The German Wine Market: What Consumers Drink and Why? - CS0576IS - $3,995


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