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Global Retail Innovations-3 : Summarizing new retail innovations
Published at 2015-02-05 19:08:07

Here for the first time: Global Retail Innovations-3 : Summarizing new retail innovations - a brand new Issue Report published by Conlumino, covering some of the key in-use and new retail innovations utilized by retailers across the world.  This allows businesses to effectively engage consumers across a host of platforms, including mobile and social media, virtual and augmented reality, and in-store and online displays/visibility.

The Conlumino difference

  • Shop around: With a report that presents you with illustrations of diverse examples of innovations used by retailers internationally
  • The best bargain: Covering a diverse range of in-store, product, omni-channel, promotional, and customer-engaging innovations
  • Keep ahead: Understand innovations, ensuring your business is not lagging behind its competitors and realize the value of new retail developments to your business


Report Highlights

Rebecca Minkoff, an online retailer of luxury clothing, accessories, and footwear, opened its first physical store in partnership with eBay Inc. in New York City. The store has digital displays, that also act as mirrors, and all the products sold in the store have RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) devices attached.

Customers can browse products on the displays inside dressing rooms (fitting rooms) that double as mirrors. All the devices are connected and when customers enter a fitting room, the mirror/display already knows what product is being tried on by the customer and gives suggestions on other sizes, colors, and similar products available in store.

RFID devices on the products also help with an efficient inventory management. Customers can also enter their phone numbers to receive notifications when fitting rooms are free.

Home improvement and home appliances retailer Lowe’s has introduced robots to help customers in one of its hardware store in San Jose, California.

These robots can communicate with customers in different languages, answer queries on products, and provide details on promotions. The robots can assist employees with inventory management as they have real time information which can be shared with employees when answering customer queries.

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